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Flavour Manager, a full-web tool for complete operational and regulatory management of your flavourings

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Safe flavoured food and beverages*

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We have developed Flavour Manager®, a complete web solution for food and beverage manufacturers and flavour houses.

This unique tool allows our users to ensure regulatory compliance of food products containing flavourings (EU regulations) and to facilitate the operational management of the flavourings and raw materials their company produces or uses.

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Where did the idea of Flavour Manager come from?

photo of Paul Rey-Fauvinet, partner of Your Flavourist

« Very soon after the creation of Your Flavourist and by talking to our clients, we realised that the flavour regulations were poorly known and, more importantly, poorly applied. As a result, we looked for a ready-made solution to this problem. But there was no such solution! This is how the concept of Flavour Manager was born. And as one idea led to another, we went beyond the regulations to make Flavour Manager a complete operational and regulatory management tool for flavour libraries, both for food and beverage companies and flavour houses. »

Paul Rey-Fauvinet, developer of Flavour Manager