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Our food and flavour R&D lab, in the heart of Paris

A lab specially designed to support you in your flavour or recipe development projects!

Your Flavourist is also an R&D lab in the heart of Paris to welcome you and support you in the development of your projects, and to provide training.

The lab is fully equipped for flavouring creation and food product development.

flavour development area in the lab of Your Flavourist

A space dedicated to flavour creation...

This space is a real chemistry laboratory, where we develop food flavourings from aromatic raw materials.

It is equipped with all the equipment necessary for flavour creation: high-precision scales, filtering hood, refrigerators, storage cabinets, workbenches, glassware of all kinds, safety equipment, etc.

This is also where we offer the most advanced training courses for practising and aspiring flavourists!

furnished and equipped kitchen in the lab of Your Flavourist

...and a space dedicated to recipe development...

This open space is similar to a kitchen, dining room and workroom.

We receive our clients and participants in our training courses around a table that allows for both product tastings and more academic sessions on a giant screen and whiteboard.

It is furnished with the kitchen equipment, crockery and basic ingredients needed to prepare all types of recipes.

We provide all kinds of training on taste and the design of food products, with or without flavourings.

map of Paris with location of the lab of Your Flavourist a lively and highly connected area

The lab is located between the Rome (line 2) and Pont Cardinet (line 14) metros. It is a 15-minute walk from the Saint-Lazare train station, and less than 30 minutes by public transport from all the Paris train stations.

The lab is ideally located in a very quiet street in a very lively area, between rue des Dames, rue Legendre and rue de Rome. Nearby, you will find many Parisian bistros, bars and restaurants, and all the amenities. Parisian life in all its splendour!

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