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Get the expertise of a consultant flavourist and taste expert

We are specialists in taste and flavourings. We offer our expertise to your development projects, whether you are a food and beverage company or a flavour house.

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We offer
a wide range of services

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Taste formulation

Call on us when developing your recipes. As consultants, we help you source and balance your ingredients. With our extensive knowledge of flavours and our network, we help you achieve the ideal taste that your products and consumers deserve and find the most suitable suppliers.

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Flavour language and evaluation

The food and beverage products you work with are sometimes complex to describe and characterise. We support you in the evaluation of your products, and we develop with you a personalised flavour language that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Flavour creation

We provide you with our extensive expertise in flavour development. You are a F&B company and you want to have your flavourings developed by an independent flavour consultant. Or you are a flavour house and have a one-off or regular need for a senior, qualified resource.

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Training and education

We offer a wide range of in-company training courses on taste and flavours. Whatever your profile, whether you work in food and beverages, flavourings or any other field, we can adapt to your current level of knowledge.
We also offer formulation courses in some flavour schools.

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Flavour Manager ®

Flavour Manager is a unique full-web tool for food and beverage companies and flavour houses. It allows you to ensure regulatory compliance for food products containing flavourings, manage a flavouring library and much more.

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Our R&D lab to support your projects

We are happy to welcome you to our own R&D lab in Paris at any time! It is fully equipped to conduct your projects, be it for food formulation or flavouring development, or to provide tailor-made training.

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Our added value

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Technical and regulatory expertise in natural and organic flavourings
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Expertise in tasting and sensory description
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Mastery of aromatic raw materials
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Product and market specific solutions
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Proactive approach to develop products according to new trends
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Access to a specific network of partners adapted to your structure
Quentin Reyt and Paul Rey-Fauvinet at Crozon

Our partners

Your Flavourist is an entrepreneurial adventure born from a shared desire between our partners to offer new and innovative solutions in the world of taste and flavours. Quentin and Paul, or the flavourist and his Swiss Army knife... Click to get to know them better!

Knowing our partners
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We listen to your needs. Describe your project and tell us what you are looking for. We will try to offer you the most suitable solutions to your problems as quickly as possible.

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