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Quentin Reyt and Paul Rey-Fauvinet at Crozon

Our partners

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One is a consultant flavourist and taste expert, the other is a Swiss Army knife converted to the world of taste and flavours. They are married in the city, and together they founded Your Flavourist... Our partners introduce themselves!

Quentin Reyt

photo of Quentin Reyt, consultant flavourist at Your Flavourist

« My name is Quentin and I'm 35 years old. I've always been passionate about the gastronomic, scientific and creative world. After my degree in chemistry, I decided to join ISIPCA to train as a flavourist, a little-known profession that always arouses curiosity and fascination when it's mentioned!

As a consultant flavourist, I'm an expert in taste, smell and flavours. I have a very thorough knowledge of the volatile molecules that make up our food. I know how to assemble them and play with the balance. I also anticipate their interactions with the ingredients used in the finished product. I sometimes mix more than 40 aromatic raw materials to achieve the result expected by my client and the consumer.

I've worked as a flavourist in three different flavour houses for almost ten years. Firstly in the Paris region at Symrise as an apprentice, then at Synaco, a Belgian family-owned SME, and finally at Sensient Flavours, an American multinational. These experiences gave me a solid technical and scientific background, as well as knowledge of the different markets. I've always enjoyed working closely with the product and the customer, and sharing my experience and my know-how with them.

Through my contact with the customers of the flavour houses I've worked for, I've noticed that some food industries and manufacturers lack the knowledge and support of flavourists to formulate their products in an optimal way. I also found that many had questions about the perception of taste, smell and flavours as well as their constituents. Even more problematic was the fact that some had difficulties in obtaining specific samples when the size of the company or the potential of their project wasn't high enough.

This is how I came up with the idea of Your Flavourist: why shouldn't everyone, whatever their size, whatever their projects, benefit from the support of a flavourist? So I decided to go freelance, as a consultant flavourist, initially on a counselling basis only. And then the projects came in, confirming that the need was there. I was contacted to give courses in the major flavour schools. I teamed up with Paul to meet the growing demands. We set up partnerships with flavour and aromatic raw material suppliers. We developed Flavour Manager. Finally, we opened our own flavour lab in Paris to serve our customers' projects.

My only professional goal now is to continue to live from my passion, by working with you as a consultant in your food product development and flavour creation projects. »

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Paul Rey-Fauvinet

photo of Paul Rey-Fauvinet, partner of Your Flavourist

« My name is Paul, I'm 37 years old, and although I've always been a lover of good food, I'm not an expert in taste! I trained as a civil engineer and urban planner and worked for eleven years in the field of housing and social real estate. However, I've been involved in the world of flavours for a long time, being Quentin's life partner since the beginning of his career.

Very soon after Quentin launched his flavour consultant business, we decided together to create Your Flavourist. His job as a flavourist, and... mine for the rest! From my previous experience, I've acquired the ability to manage complex projects, a certain ease in dealing with people, a solid foundation in finance and accounting, and a rigorous approach to administrative tasks. These are all skills that I put to good use in the day-to-day management of the company, including that of our laboratory in Paris, and in the management of customer relations.

I also trained in web development: server language, browser language and databases. These new skills enabled me to code Flavour Manager, starting from scratch and in complete autonomy. Now that the tool is online, I'm in charge of all aspects such as user support, maintenance, development of improvements, etc.

Finally, I'm very involved in the community and more particularly in the fight against HIV/AIDS, being a volunteer and elected member of AIDES, a large French NGO. This is a fight that is far from over, and which unfortunately we hear too little about. I'll always be happy to discuss this commitment with you, if you wish! »

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