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Choose a taste expert to develop THE next irresistible drink

The key to the success of a new drink? Its taste!

Taste is the most important criterion for determining whether or not consumers will like and buy your drink. Every drink deserves the best ingredients, the optimum recipe and the right balance to meet the needs and demands of your customers.

A great innovation and strong sales arguments aren't sufficient; the drink has to be good enough, or even addictive enough, to encourage your target audience to buy it again.

Having a flavour and taste expert help you formulate your drink will allow you to explore organoleptic subtleties at an unequalled level. Removing alcohol without taking away pleasure, masking the unpleasant notes of a functional ingredient, not losing taste while removing sugar, establishing a subtle aromatic balance with unsuspected combinations of ingredients - these are all magic tricks that a taste expert will be able to perform for you.

A wrong decision, however, will not be forgiven by your consumers. Too strong a flavour and your drink will lose its authenticity. Too sweet a flavour and it will be perceived as unhealthy. An inappropriate list of ingredients and your drink will be labelled as industrial. A list of ingredients that is too long will arouse suspicion.

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Our strength: the science of taste, from your concept to its bottling

Concept & feasibility

market trends thumbnail
Understanding of market trends and anticipation of consumer expectations
proactive proposal thumbnail
Pro-active suggestions for innovative aromatic combinations and pairings adapted to your beverage
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Sourcing of ingredients

drinks industry knowledge thumbnail
In-depth experience of ingredients used in the beverage industry
regulation thumbnail
Compliance with regulations on aromatic ingredients and food safety
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Recipe development

tailor-made development thumbnail
Tailor-made development adapted to your specifications and target market
ingredient interactions thumbnail
Knowledge of the interactions between aromatic and sapid ingredients
masking notes thumbnail
Use of masking aromatic notes in the case of technological ingredients with an undesirable taste
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industrialisation thumbnail
Supply of a proof of concept to test your market
beverage production thumbnail
Assistance with the production of your drink and post-production monitoring
Kuantom cocktail maker
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Customer feedback: Alexis Kaplan, co-founder of KUANTOM

KUANTOM is a Paris-based start-up behind a unique cocktail machine offering premium-quality creations from renowned mixologists. Alexis Kaplan, its co-founder, tells us about his experience of working with Your Flavourist.

« KUANTOM was looking to develop and industrialise premium beverages with very specific constraints in a very short timeframe. We lacked in-house knowledge of production processes, ingredients and regulations, and as a start-up it was difficult to find specialised suppliers and partners who would understand our needs. The world of the flavouring industry was very opaque for us.

I asked Quentin [founder of Your Flavourist] to guide and advise us throughout the development process, from the design of the drinks to their industrialisation. Having his support and experience as a flavourist in our team and in the field was a major asset in the development and production of the recipes, and saved us a lot of valuable time. The premium taste of our products was crucial, and Quentin immediately directed us towards the right ingredients!

I'd recommend Quentin's services without moderation, as he'll be able to listen to you, understand your objectives and guide you in the best possible way, with a friendly approach and good humour. »

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Why entrust the development of your drink to Your Flavourist?

photo of Quentin Reyt, consultant flavourist at Your Flavourist

« Taste comes first!

At Your Flavourist, we are flavour and taste experts. Beverage development is an important part of our business.

With ten years experience as a flavourist in several flavour houses, including Symrise and Sensient, I set up Your Flavourist in 2019. My partner Paul joined me in 2020 and in 2022 we opened our own R&D lab in the heart of Paris.

A flavourist working on the formulation of beverage recipes guarantees in-depth expertise in the choice and combination of the best flavour ingredients. It also means a very extensive network of partners and suppliers. It means choosing independence, creativity, attentive listening and the best possible response to your needs and challenges.

Calling on us means experiencing a structured, professional and efficient creative process. »

Quentin Reyt, consultant flavourist and taste expert