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Flavourings in organic products and the new 2021 organic regulation EU-2018/848

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Initially from January 1st, 2021, postponed to January 1st, 2022 due to the sanitary crisis, organic-labelled products using flavourings are subject to stricter policies given by the new EU-2018/848 regulation. Those policies, designed to ensure "the exclusion of substances and processing methods that might be misleading as regards the true nature of the product", echo the consumers will towards total transparency about products they consume.

In concrete terms, regarding the use of flavourings, new organic food and beverage products can only include "natural X flavourings" as defined by the EU-1334/2008 regulation, that is to say flavourings obtained from natural flavouring substances or flavouring preparations, 95% of which should come from the above-mentioned X source. Those substances and preparations include essential oils and extracts. Besides, the flavourings that are used must be organic or organic-suitable. The quantity of organic flavourings is counted among the 95% minimum organic part of the final product, and they must be composed themselves of 95% minimum of organic ingredients. The quantity of organic-suitable flavourings is counted among the 5% maximum non-organic part of the final product.

As a reminder, previous policies from the EU-834/2007 regulation were far more permissive, as they allowed almost any flavourings in organic food and beverages, with fewer impacts on labelling.

The consequences for F&B manufacturers making organic products with flavourings are huge. If, on paper, this new regulation heads towards transparency and consumer protection, in practice, managing change carries multiple complexities. For well-established products, the change of flavourings can sensibly modify their organoleptic profile and have a significant impact on sales. Whatever the product, many organic flavourings organoleptic profiles are extremely difficult to achieve. Change can also carry considerable extra costs, especially when hastily managed.

Your Flavourist supports the development or the update of your organic products using flavourings. We offer valuable expertise in natural flavourings and taste formulation, in complete compliance with all EU regulations, and with a high understanding of what is at stake and what it involves for F&B manufacturers.

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